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Located at the Physics Department of Tsinghua University, Beijing, our group makes use of electromagnetic fields to cool, trap and manipulate quantum states of atoms at temperatures of micro- or nanokelvin. We form and study interesting new states of quantum matter, striving to make them useful while enjoying the beauty of physics.

News & Highlights

• Yang Fan obtained the "National Graduate Scholarship 2018" (2018/09)

• Min Deng received his Ph.D. degree in Science (2018/06)

• Qibo Zeng received his Ph.D. degree in Science (2018/06)

• Our research results won the "2017 China Science Top Ten Progress" (2018/02)

• Broad d-wave Feshbach resonances with a triplet structure (2017/11)

• Mesoscopic Optical and Cold Atomic Research Platform Exchanging Meeting (2017/10)

• National Key Basic Research Program Acceptance Meeting (2017/09)

• Generating entanglement through quantum phase transitions (2017/01)



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