Kihwan's Group

Quantum Computation and Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions

Prof. Kihwan Kim


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Welcome to Kihwan's group at Department of Physics, Tsinghua University.

Our researches mainly focus on developing quantum computation and quantum simulation with trapped ions. An ion-trap system is one of the leading platforms for a pratical large scale quantum device. It shows over 5000 second coherence time, over 99.9% logic gate fidelities and the largest quatnum volume among all physical platforms.

Currently, we focus on developing various trapped-ion systems with a linear ion chain, dual species of ions, and 2-dimensional ion crystal.

Selected publications

  1. Nat. Phys.
    Scalable and programmable phononic network with trapped ions
    Wentao Chen, Yao Lu, Shuaining Zhang, Kuan Zhang, Guanhao Huang, Mu Qiao, Xiaolu Su, Jialiang Zhang, Jing-Ning Zhang, Leonardo Banchi, M. S. Kim, and Kihwan Kim
    Nat. Phys. 19, 877 (2023).
  2. Sci. Adv.
    Significant-loophole-free test of Kochen-Specker contextuality using two species of atomic-ions
    Pengfei Wang, Junhua Zhang, Chun-Yang Luan, Mark Um, Ye Wang, Mu Qiao, Tian Xie, Jing-Ning Zhang, Adan Cabello, and Kihwan Kim
    Sci. Adv. 8, eabk1660 (2022).
  3. RMP
    Programmable quantum simulations of spin systems with trapped ions
    C. Monroe, W. C. Campbell, L. -M. Duan, Z. -X. Gong, A. V. Gorshkov, P. W. Hess, R. Islam, K. Kim, N. M. Linke, G. Pagano, P. Richerme, C. Senko, N. Y. Yao
    Rev. Mod. Phys. 93, 025001 (2021).
  4. PRL
    Double-Electromagnetically-Induced-Transparency Ground-State Cooling of Stationary Two-Dimensional Ion Crystals
    Mu Qiao, Wang Ye, Zhengyang Cai, Botao Du, Pengfei Wang, Chunyang Luan, Wentao Chen, Heung-Ryoul Noh, and Kihwan Kim
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 023604 (2021).
  5. Nat. Comm.
    Single ion qubit with estimated coherence time exceeding one hour
    Pengfei Wang, Chun-Yang Luan, Mu Qiao, Mark Um, Junhua Zhang, Ye Wang, Xiao Yuan, Mile Gu, Jingning Zhang, and Kihwan Kim
    Nat. Commun. 12, 233 (2021).
  6. Nature
    Global entangling gates on arbitrary ion qubits
    Yao Lu, Shuaining Zhang, Kuan Zhang, Wentao Chen, Yangchao Shen, Jialiang Zhang, Jing-NIng Zhang, and Kihwan Kim
    Nature 572, 363 (2019).