Kihwan Kim's Lab
Trapped Ions for Quantum Computation
and Quantum Simulation


Welcome to Kihwan Kim's group at the Department of Physics of Tsinghua University. Our researches mainly focus on developing a trapped ion system for quantum computation and quantum simulation. Currently we pursue the main goal with various trapped ion systems that can manipulate two-species ions, 2D crystal of ions and individually addressed ions.

Ph.D. and Postdoc Positions

We are looking for postdocs and Ph. D. students. If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to kimkihwan(at)


[2020, June. 20]

At the Graduation Ceremony of Dr. Shuaining Zhang

Dr. Shuaining Zhang graduated successfully, in spite of COVID-19!

[2019, Dec. 10]

Ph. D defense of Yao Lu

Congratulations on Dr. Yao Lu!

[2019, Jul. 24]

Scalable, more than two-qubit gates in a trapped ion system is developed and experimentally demonstrated. The performance of the global gates is benmarked by generating a multi-qubit GHZ state with high fidelity. The work of "Global entangling gates on arbitrary ion-qubits," Yao Lu, Shuaining Zhang, Kuan Zhang, et al., is published on Jul. 24 in Nature (2019)

Experimental realization of the global entangling gates.

[2019, Jul. 11]


Congratulations on Zhengyang Cai, Jialiang Zhang, and Botao Du for successful graduations!

[2019, Jun. 10]

Ph. D defense of Mark Um

Congratulations on Dr. Mark!

[2018, Dec. 18]

Congratulations on Kuan Zhang!

Kuan Zhang successfully passed the Ph. D defenses!

[2018, Oct. 18]

The largest NOON state (N=9), a maximally entangled state of indistinguishible partice, was generated with phonons in a trapped ion system. The work of "NOON States of Nine Quantized Vibrations in Two Radial Modes of a Trapped Ion" is published on Oct. 18 in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Generation sequence of the NOON state of N=6.

[2018, Sep. 16]

Welcome Chunyang Luan!

Chunyang Luan joined us as a new Ph. D candidate.

[2018, Jul. 9]

Graduation Day

Congratulations on Guanhao Huang, Dr. Ye Wang, Tian Xie, and Naijun Jin

[2018, May. 23]

Congratulations on Dingshun Lv and Yangchao Shen!

Dingshun Lv and Yangchao Shen successfully passed the Ph. D defenses!

[2018, May. 15]

Korean Teacher's Day

Many thanks for the nice words on the Korean teacher's day

[2018, Apr. 30]

The quantum Rabi model (QRM) was successfully simulated in a trapped ion system. The work “Quantum Simulation of the Quantum Rabi Model in a Trapped Ion” is published on Apr. 30 in Phys. Rev. X.

Ground state of the quantum Rabi model in deep strong-coupling regimes

[2018, Jan. 28]

Molecular vibronic spectroscopy was successfully simulated in a trapped ion system. The work “Quantum optical emulation of molecular vibronic spectroscopy using a trapped-ion device” is published on Jan. 28 in Chem. Sci.

The schematic diagram of trapped ion system for simulating molecular vibronic spectroscopy

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