Welcome to
Group of Topological Spintronics

Our Interests

Symmetry breaking together with strong spin–orbit interaction gives rise to many exciting phenomena within condensed matter physics. A recent example is the existence of chiral spin textures, which are observed in magnetic systems lacking inversion symmetry. These chiral spin textures, including domain walls and magnetic skyrmions, are both fundamentally interesting in topological transport phenomenon and technologically promising in low-power spintronic devices. In this inspiring research field, we are exploring some beautiful and potentially applicable physical phenomena and behaviors about spin topology.

Our Facilities

  • Film Growth:
    Two-Chamber Ultra High Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering, Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
  • Microfabrication:
    Argon Ion Etching, Electron Beam Lithography (public instrument), Laser Direct Lighography (public instrument)
  • Transport Measurement:
    3D Vector Superconducting Magnets
  • Spin Dependent Imaging:
    MOKE Microscope, Lorentz-TEM (collaborator), PEEM (collaborator), Soft X-Ray Transmission Microscope (collaborator)
  • Laser System:
    Brillouin Light Scattering System, Ultrafast Laser System