We are an experimental condensed matter physics research group at Tsinghua University. We use and develop advanced optical spectroscopies to investigate ultrafast phenomena and optical properties in novel materials. Experimental tools include pump-probe spectroscopy, transient grating spectroscopy, spin noise spectroscopy, photoluminescence, second-harmonic generation, etc. Current fields of research include 2D materials, topological materials and magnetic thin films.

We recruit highly-motivated undergraduates, PhD students and postdocs every year. Please contact Prof. Yang [luyi-yang(at)mail(dot)tsinghua(dot)edu(dot)cn] for details.

Group photo June 2023.

Group photo June 2022.

Group photo April 2021.

Group photo Oct 2020.

The graduates were building an experiment.

Time-resolved pump-probe setup.

The baby was learning lock-in basics.