Angle-resolved Photoemission and ultrafast Dynamics
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2023/05/04  Hiking at the Qinglong Canyon in the International Labour Day break.
2023/02/02  Celebration of Chinese New Year.
2022/06/25  Changhua was awarded "Youxun Wu Prize"(吴有训奖). Haoxiong was awarded "Zhigong Ren Prize"(任之恭奖). Yuan was awarded "Nomination for Zhigong Ren Prize"(任之恭奖提名). Congratulations!
2022/06/25  Graduation ceremony, congratulations to Hongyun, Changhua and Haoxiong.
2022/06/24  Tips sharing from graduates Hongyun, Changhua and Haoxiong.
2022/05/16  Changhua and Haoxiong at the Ph.D. thesis defense.
2021/12/13  Hongyun at the Ph.D. thesis defense.
2021/12/03  Congratulations to Changhua for receiving the "Special Scholarship of Tsinghua University"(清华大学特等奖学金)!
2021/10/10  New group photo.
2021/06/26  Hongyun was awarded "Youxun Wu Prize"(吴有训奖). Changhua was awarded "Zhigong Ren Prize"(任之恭奖), congratulations!
2021/06/26  Graduation ceremony. Congratulations to Xue!
2021/05/04  Hiking at the Great Wall in the International Labour Day break.
2019/12/03  Kenan at the Ph.D. thesis defense.
2019/08/31  Presentations at the Forum of the Graduate Students.
2019/07/06 Wei and Kenan were awarded "Youxun Wu Prize"(吴有训奖). Ke was awarded "Nomination for Youxun Wu Prize"(吴有训奖提名). and "Zhigong Ren Prize"(任之恭奖),congratulations!
2019/07/04  Graduation ceremony. Congratulations to Wei and Ke!
2019/01/19  High school members from Young Talented Project (英才计划).
2018/10  Mingzhe's wedding ceremony.
2018/06  Mingzhe was awarded "Wu Youxun Prize", congratulations!
2018/05  Mingzhe and Guoliang at Ph.D. thesis defense.
2018/03  Hongyun at APS March Meeting.
2017/06  Eryin's guaduation.
2017/06  New system set-up.
2017/05/26  Eryin Wang was awarded "Academic rising star nomination award of Tsinghua University"
(清华大学学术新秀提名). Congradulations to Eryin!

2017/05  Group trip to Yunmengxia.
2017/03  Prof. Zhou was awarded "L'Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science China award" (青年女科学家奖). Congradulations to her!
2017/02  Eryin and Changhua at Synchrotron SOLEIL.

2016  Eryin at ALS.
Kenan at work.
2015  Group photo taken at spring of 2015.