Angle-resolved Photoemission and ultrafast Dynamics
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                                                                 Postdoc positions

Zhou group has postdoc position openings for Ultrafast dynamics and transient phase transitions in two-dimensional materials and topological materials.
We work on cutting-edge topics including Floquet band engineering of topological semimetals as well as semiconductors, photo-induced phase transitions in two-dimensional materials and topological materials by using our newly-developed time and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (TrARPES) with unique 5.3-7.0 eV tunable probe photon energy and 100 fs time resolution. Self-motivated candidates with a strong research experience in optical spectroscopy and ultrafast optics, in particular high harmonic generation (HHG), mid-infrared (MIR) or terahertz (THz) spectroscopy are strongly encouraged to apply. Postdocs in the group will have the opportunities to work on cutting-edge research projects with access to advanced techniques/instrumentations. Strong interaction with postdocs/students in the group, as well as close collaboration with researchers both domestic and international, is encouraged. Opportunities for soft skill training and career development, such as conference presentations, will also be provided.
Competitive salary and benefits matching the selected candidates’ capability will be provided. Outstanding candidates are encouraged to apply for the postdoc fellowship program called Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar(清华大学“水木学者”计划).
For potential candidates, please send your CV with a list of names and contact information of three references to Prof. Zhou at: